Energy Consultants

No business is the same so we aim to tailor each package individually best suited to you. This is implemented by having a dedicated Account Manager (AM) who will understand your business needs and begin a tendering process from the energy providers on your behalf. After which, your dedicated AM will build you a price comparison and secure that best package available upon your approval, and finally creating you a renewal database.

As well as aiding our customers to save money on their utilities we will support you from becoming victims to hiked price increases and Out Of Contract (OOC) rates. Otherwise known as a renewal database this will be monitored by your dedicated AM ensuring this does not occur in the future. From our experience and expertise in this sector we have unfortunately come across the scenario of OOC rates being applied to thousands of SME’s. This isn’t because the business is careless but because the renewal process is easily misunderstood, resulting in an automatic renewal of your contract onto higher rates of approximately 25-30% and for a minimum period of 12 months.

As a business owner you will be aware that this can severely impact the day-to-day running of your business. TUC guarantees to stop this from happening and at the same time promises to beat your renewal offer by up to 40%.



In order to help you review your utilities spend, and to authorise TUC to act on your behalf, we require you to complete a Letter of Authority (LOA). Once you have successfully completed the LOA, please email it to:, if possible together with your latest energy bill, leaving us to do the rest.