Our Aim

For all businesses, the fundamentals are to have a solid foundation. A core part of that is to keep a close eye on your expenditure ensuring you are getting the best deal at all times.

Trusted Utility Consultants (TUC) specialise in new business start-ups and have a range of bespoke start-up packages, each package is tailored to your business needs. This is done by providing a hassle free and impartial service that will guarantee you are always in total control of your business requirements as you grow.

Be it a single telephone line, a mobile phone, a new VoIP system or a change of tenancy for your energy supply, your dedicated Accounts Manager (AM) will take total control of this, removing the tension, leaving you to promote and nurture your business. As a member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) we are in tune with the obstacles and hurdles new businesses face, therefore we aim to act as an umbrella, protecting you from any forthcoming shortfalls.

Benefits of using TUC

Trusted Utility Consultants (TUC) has built its reputation on achievements through strong working ethics and acute business acumen.

The key for success at TUC and for our customers has been to create a transparent understanding of the work we carry out on your behalf and to promote a long lasting relationship with your dedicated AM. The benefits of using TUC are clear:

  1. The ability to compare prices from six of the UK’s largest energy providers in an instant.
  2. Time management; this is a key point for SME’s as many fall victim to long hours, staff shortages and endless amounts of paperwork, unfortunately resulting in utility contracts that are not best suited to your business needs.
  3. Free and impartial advice service.
  4. Guaranteed saving of up to 40% on your gas and electricity annual renewal.
  5. Guaranteed saving on your telephone call charges and telecoms systems.

Free Business Health Check

This is a free and impartial service, conducted by our experienced utility consultants who will search the market, ensuring that you are on the correct utility packages best suited to your business needs.